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Do you get snow in Holland?

Yes we do! Today is the first day of the winter 2012-2013 that snow is falling and covering our country with a thin layer of white wet stuff.


Not all snow stays. In the Netherlands it often starts snowing when the cool air enters a warmer softer air. When snow stays we call it a snow deck. Officially there is a snow deck if half of the scanned area is covered with at least 0,4 inch (1 centimeter) of snow for 3 hours.
There are years in the Netherlands when we don’t have days with a snow deck at all, but there are also years where we have had 50 days with a snow deck. This is very rare though it happens only once every 25 years. On average the Netherlands has a snow deck of 24 days a year.

Precipitation. On average there is a 7% precipitation in the form of rain, snow, glazed frost or hail. That equals about 1 hour and 40 minutes of precipitation per day. Yearly an average of  700 (27.5 inch) till 800 (32.4 inch) millimeter of precipitation. The Dutch have the feeling they live in a wet country as the climate is very unpredictable. There is no dry season or wet season, the change of precipitation is possible on almost all days.

Bundle up. Bring lots of colorful winter pieces to keep you warm and add some contrast to those planned memorable shots. Or go shopping in the Dutch ware houses. Nice and warm, and cool clothes to keep you warm 😉

Moisturize! With strong cool wind you quickly get cracked lips and sensitive hands. Make sure you bring your favorite hand creams, moisturizer and lip balm. Broken skin can be quite painful, specially when it’s windy. Besides, you don’t want to stay stuck indoors all the time, right?

Warm yourselves. The favorite way for the Dutch to warm up after having been outside is erwtensoep (pea soup), hot chocolate, warm apple pie and sit down before the fire place.

Traffic. Although there often isn’t a lot of snowfall at once Dutch don’t seem the handle weather changes well. The snow has a significant impact on social life and causes traffic problems. The police have been busy with a number of weather related accidents. Even Dutch rail networks can be severely affected and bus traffic goes down when snow fall is too heavy. The trams and the metros can’t possible run anymore, and the city likes to give the appearance of being unable to cope. You might think it is nice to get a real winter for a change, but the Dutch love to moan and groan about it.

Basically if you are prepared that there might be snow in The Netherlands you can have a great time in the winter and it’s a great time to travel. Create your perfect Holland winter tour at www.hollandprivatetour.com.


2 comments on “Do you get snow in Holland?

  1. SarahJP13
    November 10, 2013

    Perfect! Thank you, just what I was looking for. I am writing a novel, set (partially) in the Netherlands. This is great information! Thanks =) http://bit.ly/1gDzlUA

    • hollandexpert
      November 10, 2013

      Your welcome! Good luck on your novel. Contact me if you need more information about The Netherlands.

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