Holland vs Netherlands

Online sightseeing of The Netherlands.

Where to go outside Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a destination worth visiting on itself. Outside Amsterdam you will encounter a whole new experience about the Netherlands. So where can you go?

Den Haag (The Hague) – capital of province South-Holland, seat of Dutch government, parliament and international court.
Rotterdam – largest port of Europe, rebuild after WWII in modern architecture, a vibrant city.
‘s-Hertogenbosch – old architecture, canals underneath city, brick house from 1100, St Johns Cathedral.
Utrecht – heart of the Netherlands, Dom tower, canals with restaurants in cellars.
Deventer – at bank of IJssel river, Hanseatic trading city.
Canals go underneath the city in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Volendam – former fishing town along the IJsselmeer, taste smoke eel, dress up in traditional cloths.
Schiedam – tallest windmills in the world, famous for the distilleries of Jenever (Dutch gin).
Delft – birthplace of Johannes Vermeer, burial site of Royal family, Delft Blue ceramic products.
Zaltbommel – along the river Waal, old city gates, birthplace of brothers Philips
Zierikzee – 568 monuments, fishing town connected to North Sea, flooded in 1953.

Harbor of Zierikzee, city with 568 monumental buildings.

De Rijp – whale & herring fishing town in 17/18/19th century, houses Zaanse stijl, birthplace of Leeghwater
Ammerzoden – castle Ammersoyen, local dairy farming town
Giethoorn – called ‘Venice of the North’, thatched roofed houses, canals created by digging out peat.
Appeltern – between river Maas en Waal, region with fruit orchards, amazing garden complex.
Maarssen (De Vecht) – mansions along river vecht, brick-factories.
Giethoorn, thatched roofs, Venetian bridges and canals.

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